About ME

I'm Ashley Hefnawy (pronounced, Heff-Nah-Wee). I'm a multi-disciplinary writer who currently resides in New York City.

I write UX copy for products, marketing, and web, create and produce content for blogs and web publications. In my free time, I write creative fiction, non-fiction, and journalism. I am also a DJ, and music supervisor. Check out my first credit on a feature film!

You can follow me on Spotify where you're guaranteed to find something to soundtrack the rest of your day, and my DJ Instagram, where I post about upcoming gigs. I post mixes on Soundcloud, too. If you’re interested in booking me or would like to see my press kit, shoot me an email.

Here's my resume, if you like resumes.

Here are some nice places that recently interviewed me about my work.

Interested in working together? Shoot me an email: ashleyhefnawy@gmail.com

Photo by Sea Sloat

Photo by Sea Sloat