About ME

I'm Ashley Hefnawy (pronounced, Heff-Nah-Wee). I've been told that the human mind has evolved from maintaining an attention span of 10 seconds in the pre-internet age, to a whopping 5 seconds, in today's post-internet society. So I'll try to make this quick.

I'm a writer. I actually started writing somewhat professionally when I was ten years old. You can ask my dad. I only know how to write professionally because I wrote most of his business letters, proposals, and invoices for years.

I've since graduated to become a journalist who covers and reports on an array of fields like music, photography, design, technology, digital media, marketing, and any other art related fields that I may have missed. I'm a copywriter, too, for all formats (email, web, social media, and ads) and I'm one of the nitpickiest editors you'll meet. I've worked for a number of publications and digital media outlets.

Besides writing, I'm pretty obsessive about creating playlists. Ask anyone. Literally, ask that person you just passed on the street while reading this. They know. I curate soundtracks to television shows and movies for fun. I think visually almost always, so it's hard for me not to listen to a song and see a music video come to life in my head.

So now that you've got a grasp of how I came to exist in this professional world, might you be interested in some deliciously unique links?

You can follow me on Spotify, to get a better sense of my musical tastes (and follow any of my monthly playlists which will give you a sense of what I've been listening to. The most recent monthly playlists can be found under my playlists tab here, as well. And then some other weird ones.)

There's also the social media thing, which I don't hate. Links are in the upper right hand corner of this page. Feel free to peruse and connect with me on all the sites. Feel free to reach out to me directly via any of those platforms, if you're interested in collaborating, hiring me for work, or just talking about music.

Here's my resume, if you like resumes. It looks like a writer's resume. Meaning it's all words.